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Audio Experts has been professionally installing car stereo systems, tint, alarms, and other automotive accessories for over 10 years. We are a locally owned business that proudly serves customers in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Chances are you might want a new sound system to make your commute to work more pleasant, or new window tinting for privacy or to make the ride cooler for the kids, or a new alarm to make sure nobody messes with your car (and if your car was stolen, to make sure it doesn’t get stolen again). Regardless of what your needs are, our goal is to offer low prices and excellent customer service.

Our services include car audio and video system installation, window tinting, car alarm and security system installation, and other auto accessories, such as lighting and remote start systems. We stock the best brands and offer tons of options for you to choose from. At Audio Experts, we’ll take the time to listen to your wants and needs and then make the right recommendations for you. We know that every vehicle and every customer is different. All of our professional installations also come with a lifetime warranty. If you’re ready to improve your ride, then reach out to us!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a new stereo for my car?
The top two reasons are sound and features. An aftermarket stereo will typically have better amplifiers and sound-shaping controls than factory-installed stereos. Many customers also enjoy the cool features like Bluetooth® and smartphone compatibility, USB and AUX inputs, satellite radio compatibility, etc.

Is it difficult to install a new car stereo myself?
If you have some basic tools and can follow written step-by-step instructions, it is possible to install a new car stereo yourself in some cases. However, many vehicles require manufacturer-specific tools and require custom wiring and extremely careful techniques to avoid damaging the dashboard or interior panels. If you feel in over your head, then Audio Experts is always happy to install all your new gear for you.

After installing a new stereo, could I still use my steering wheel controls?
Yes you can. In most cases, however, you’ll need to install a special adapter. When you buy a new car stereo from us, we’re happy to offer a special deal on any steering wheel control adapters you might need.

If my car already has a passive alarm, why should I consider an aftermarket car alarm system?
Most factory-installed car security systems simply disable the starter when no key chip is detected by the ignition system. Many professional car thieves will know how to get around that. Also, most passive alarms won’t go off unless you try to open a locked door while an aftermarket alarm will go off if someone touches the car. The siren of an aftermarket alarm is also much more difficult to ignore and will deter most thieves.

Is it difficult to install a car alarm?
This will largely depend on the year, make, and model of your vehicle as well as the complexity of the security system you choose. Installing a car alarm requires installing or modifying wiring and using tools like a multimeter and soldering iron. For people who are not comfortable working with the electronic circuitry of their car, Audio Experts will professionally install a car security system at a fair and reasonable rate.
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